Corporate Banking Tools
Saman has designed a range of useful tools and services to facilitate your business banking experience. Our Corporate NetBank service is due to be launched soon, and will offer exclusive banking services to our Corporate Customers. Banksa is another effective tool for your business banking.
Corporate NetBank
Companies, organisations, institutions and business owners are all eligible for Saman’s exclusive and exceptional electronic banking services through Saman Corporate NetBank.
Saman Coupon Card
The perfect solution when you wish to present a gift to an employee: Saman Coupon Cards.These are electronic cards issued at your request in any amount you choose. Valid for two years, Saman Coupon Cards can be revalidated and their amount topped up as many times as you choose. Your employees can redeem their coupons to pay for bills, book travel tickets (airplane, train, coach), make hotel reservations or purchase retail and online shopping.
Safekeeping Services
Saman Corporate Customers are entitled to use Saman safe deposit boxes free of charge. As soon as you apply for an account, you will be allocated a safe within the branch of your choice.
Monday 4/19/2021