Portfolio Management
A maximum return on investment is not fortuitous, it takes not only a deep knowledge of the markets, industries, and individual companies but also an in depth analyses of a country social, political, and economic situation. Saman bank investment advisory division invests a portion of bank’s assets in the stock market on a short-term basis through the usage of various specialist analytical reports provided by professional and experienced experts and advisors. With no doubt interested investors also can benefit from these practical reports in order to choose the best investment basket based on their risk appetite, expected rate of return, and desired time span.
As a pioneer in innovative banking solution, Saman bank offers various investment funds through partnership with top notch investment banks and brokerage companies. As a customer centric organization, our customers’ needs come first and our funds are designed with their risk appetite and expected return in mind. The broad range of our funds include:
  • Fixed income funds such as Novin Saman fund and Amin Saman fund suitable for our risk-averse customers.
  • Mutual funds such as Aghigh and Yekom Saman suitable for our risk-prone customers.
  • Charity funds such as Yekom Nikoukari Agah suitable for our righteous customers. This fund is in collaboration with State Welfare Organization of Iran.
Here is a brief summary of funds and their basic characteristics:
Fund Manager Expected Return Activity Inception Type Fund
Amin Investment Bank 20% 90/08/04 Fixed Income Amin Saman
Novin Investment Bank 20% 88/10/21 Fixed Income NovinSaman
Agah Brokerage Index 89/12/07 Mutual Aghigh
Saman Bank Brokerage Index 90/03/31 Mutual YekomSaman
Agah Brokerage 14% 90/08/21 Mixed YekomNikoukariAgah
Should you need advice choosing the right product, we are here to assist you once we know your risk appetite and your desired investment horizon.
Monday 4/19/2021