Loans for POS System Owners
Customers whoutilise Saman Bank card readers in their place of business not only provide their customers with a convenient payment option but also facilitate the process of obtaining a loan for their business at a preferential interest rate. Three months after the installation of a Saman POS system in your place of business, you are eligible to apply for the special loan package. Terms and conditions apply.
Credit Package for Different Trade Union Members
Saman grants tailor-made loans and credit packages specifically designed for different categories of business. Most of these loans are used for the purchase of shops, offices or machinery and equipment. Any person holding a valid business license from a recognised trade union is eligible to apply for one of these loans.
Food and Grocery Store Loan
Saman has a specific policy for supporting food industries. We have designed a bespoke package for members of foodstuff, dairy, grocery and food wholesaler trade unions.
Medical and Paramedical Group Loan
Professionals in the medical and health domains are entitled to generous credit lines for the purchase of equipment, to buy or refurbish their practices or to use as operating cash flow. If you are a doctor, dentist, midwife, vet, nurse or member of any paramedical profession, you can enjoy the excellent advantages of a medical group loan.
Professionals’ Credit Package
Engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants and similar professionals can use this loan to pay for the start-up or development of their business.
Jewellers’ Credit Package
Jewellery makers and sellers, gold and jewellery wholesalers and traders can apply for this loan. If you are a member of a recognised gold and jewellery trade union, you are eligible to apply for this loan.
Construction Material Retailers’ Credit Package
Retailers of construction materials, tile and ceramic, sanitary ware, etc., are entitled to this special loan. You must be in possession of a valid business license from the relevant trade union in order to qualify.
Stock Exchange Brokers’ Loan
With the aim of developing financial markets and supporting the businesses active on the stock exchange, Saman provides three different types of loan for three specific groups: brokers, suppliers and buyers.
For further information, visit your nearest Saman branch.
Monday 4/19/2021