Saman Financial Group
In addition to Saman Bank, the Saman Financial Group comprises a further nine subsidiary companies that it has launched or acquired a substantial stake in during 2003-2012. These entities operate independently under the Bank’s supervision to provide specific services to the Bank, its clients and to the wider market place.
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Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company
Saman Kish e-Payment Company (SEP) was established in July 2003 with the aim of providing new electronic payment solutions, focusing on two areas of credit card services and comprehensive network of credit card acceptors. In 2004 the company obtained substantive agreement of Central Bank of Iran and received its final license in September 2005. SEP started its activity in the field of electronic payments in March 2004 and as the first e-payment service provider in the Iranian banking industry, the company provided the customers with online payment tools.
With the help of expert staff and the use of latest security technologies and modern payment tools such as credit cards, POSs, Internet and mobile gateways, the company succeeded to provide high quality and reliable services and thus satisfy its customers and contractors, and gain a good share of micro and macro markets of e-commerce in the country.
By creating a technology-based structure, Saman e-Payment Company offers a variety of in-person and online payment tools in different e-commerce markets and is one of the leading companies in designing and implementing e-government projects and offering specific solutions to large organizations and companies.
As one of the largest and fast growing members of Saman Financial Group, SEP is currently ranked 23rd among the top 150 largest payment service providers in the world according to Nilson Report Magazine.
In 2018, SEP succeeded to offer 10 percent of its shares on Tehran Stock Exchange, which was well received by capital market actors. The efforts of management and executive teams of Saman e-Payment Company led to installation of more than 850,000 POSs, provision of services to more than 35,000 online credit card acceptors, more than 4 million downloads of "724" application and more than 400,000 active credit cards.
Phone number: 021 84345000
Saman Exchange Company
Saman Foreign Exchange Company was established in October 2004, after obtaining necessary permits from Central Bank of Iran, with the aim of providing foreign currency services to natural persons and legal entities by focusing on three principles of speed, accuracy and reliability.
Since its foundation, Saman Foreign Exchange Company has defined foreign currency operations as one of the key components of its strategic plan and has put considerable effort in extending international transactions. Taking this viewpoint, the company sustained this important goal even when faced with severe economic sanctions. During these years, Saman Foreign Exchange Company carried out foreign currency operations in the area of import, export and currency transfer with the use of detailed plans and delivery of valuable extensive services.
Saman Foreign Exchange Company is determined to move forward in provision of currency services in international level and has expand the range of its activities by using domestic capabilities and obtaining the necessary permits. In this regard, the company enjoys the benefit of valuable experienced managers of foreign currency sector in the banking system, especially Saman Bank, as well as strategic planning for the company. Moreover, it founded think tank in order to use fundamental and complementary analyses to achieve a top rank in foreign currency market, obtain the maximum market share, and use future opportunities.
In addition to providing foreign currency services, Saman Foreign Exchange Company succeeded, in the international level, to provide facilities and tools in order to prevent potential losses and even increase profitability. The company was able to play an important role in promoting national economic activities through fully compliance with international rules and regulations, use of its professional capabilities and proper communication with Iranian large companies and groups as well as international first class banks.
Phone number: 021 41011
Saman Insurance Company
Saman Insurance Company was established in January 2005 to provide commercial insurance services which covers property, liability and employees damages. In February 2005, the company obtained from Central Insurance of Iran the license for life and non-life insurance as well as reinsurance.
Saman Insurance has always tried to be the leading company in insurance industry in order to satisfy the customers and provide optimal services by attracting expert and skillful employees who all aim at providing diverse and high quality services to the customers.
Increasing business continuity and improvement of operations of Saman Insurance Company during 14 years of service provision, made the managing team of the company believe that the changes in business conditions and economic indicators at any time can lead to creating opportunities and making use of threats. Such changes have always been the source of dynamism and development and made the company determined to achieve continuous improvement based on modern sciences. Addressing the main policies defined by Central Insurance of Iran and establishing corporate governance regulations play key roles in achievement of the company objectives. The managing team of Saman Insurance Company believes that structuralism, fiscal discipline and thinking outside the box when a problem is encountered, have significant effect on business improvement and development.
The company endeavors to keep its solvency ratio in the first level as specified by Central Insurance of Iran. Therefore, in the current year Saman Insurance Company achieved the first level of solvency ratio for the sixth successive year by reaching 132 percent.
Improvement of solvency ratio while increasing profitability and creating fiscal discipline has always been emphasized by Saman Insurance Company.
Phone number: 021 8943
Saman Bank Brokerage Company
Saman Bank Brokerage Company, with over 50 years of experience, is one of the first brokerage firms in Iran. This company has been a pioneer not only in its history of activity, but also in providing new services. Awarding the company manager as the Top National Manager of the Year in several successive years, receiving the Innovation Award in the brokerage industry and other titles are the achievements accomplished through experience, emphasis on being pioneer and maximum use of technology in facilitating customer service provision. Founding the first customer club in the brokerage industry, leading the way to online trading, conducting remarkable activity in the field of commodities exchange, being selected as the top supplier, acquiring a significant future market share, being active in the field of financing, getting admission of companies to the capital market and provision of special services to contractors and holders of government securities are among the company's most important activities in delivering services to the customers.
Saman Bank Brokerage Company provides services such as conducting all securities transactions in the Securities and Exchange Organization and OTC, trading in all future commodities exchange rings and energy exchange, providing consultation services for the supply and admission of companies stock in Securities and Exchange Organization and OTC, getting admission of the products to commodities exchange, providing financial services, market making and commitment underwriting, establishing and managing mutual funds, providing and tailor-made portfolios.
Call center: 021 43024000
Hafez Saman Iranian Credit Scoring Company
Hafez Saman Iranian Business Validation Company, as a member of Saman Financial Group with almost all of its shares owned by Saman Bank, started its activity in 2007 with the aim of establishing a comprehensive validation center in the country. In 2003, debt collection for Saman Bank was added to the duties of the company and in 2018 it obtained a ranking license from National Ranking Center of Iran Chamber in two areas of “Insurance and Finance” and “Commerce”. Therefore, the company is currently active in three key areas of validation, debt collection, and ranking.
In addition to developing validation systems for Saman Bank, which includes validation of natural persons, professionals and legal entities, the company has been providing its validation services to credit sales companies since 2013. Using such validation services enables credit sales businesses to expand their sales and simultaneously prevent any delayed payments.
For the optimal management of debt collection, which is now provided solely to Saman Bank, a comprehensive legal system has also been developed that addresses all processes of organizing, tracking and collecting delayed payments.
Phone number: 021 41726000
Saman Aftab Tejarat Servicing Company
The Saman Aftab Tejarat  Servicing Company Aftab Tejarat Saman Service Company (PJSC) was established in 2011 with the aim of providing services and human resources to enterprises and corporations. Supported by human capital (more than 500 employees) and proper equipment, the company currently provides services such as the supply of human resources required by various organizations, research in the field of market studies, specialized façade and board cleaning services, cleaning services for the equipment, buildings and offices, specialized industrial cleaning services, services required by commercial and office complexes, and ATM Bank cleaning services.
Relying on customer centricity, need recognition, high quality services, and employee knowledge improvement, the company succeeded in implementing quality management system and obtaining ISO 9001: 2015 certification, obtaining the International Award of MTP-Services from ICS Institute of the European Union, being selected in the Iranian Economic Leaders Conference for providing high quality modern services and using information technology.
Phone number: 021 88807698
Kardan Investment Company
Kardan Investment Bank obtained license from Securities and Exchange Organization and was established in January 2014 by both Tejarat and Saman Banks, each possessing 50% of the shares, with initial investment of IRR 2000 billion.
With the help of expert and experienced employees in the field of capital market, Kardan Investment Bank has proved its innovation and dynamism in implementing numerous projects. Despite its short history compared to other investment companies, this company has been able to compete in all specialized fields of industry as one of the leading companies and in this regard considers fairness and professional ethics while fully satisfying customers by offering them maximum benefits.
The company provides financing services such as admission to stock exchange listing and OTC, designing transaction plans and structured tools, establishment of lands and buildings funds for construction projects, establishment of investment funds, project-based investments, and establishment of private funds for OTC investment.
Services such as market making of debt securities by negotiating or auctioning, market making of equity or investment certificates of various investment funds, purchase commitments, redemption or firm commitment underwriting for the securities of all types, liquidity guarantees for various investment funds, and a minimum interest rate guarantee for securities, are provided in the field of guarantees and markets making.
In the field of asset management, services such as capital accumulation management through establishment and management of mutual funds, trustee management of lands and buildings funds, project funds, private investment funds, establishment and management of employee funds, and establishment and management of portfolios for various investors.
In the field of valuation, the company offers services including valuation of stock and pre-emption right, valuation of debt securities based on effective financing rates, valuation of different types of assets included in the balance sheet such as projects in progress.
In the field of mergers and acquisitions, Kardan Investment Bank delivers services such as providing advisory on attracting private investors or commercial companies, conducting comprehensive validation studies, providing advisory on capital structure design to achieve the highest value, drafting term sheets and determining the mutual rights of the transaction parties, and managing and supervising the integration process after merger.
Consultation about financing methods, wealth management, investment, risk management, business administration process, and documentation, are the services provided in the field of consultancy.
Phone number: 96621100
Kish Cell Pars Company (Samantel)
With over 10 years of experience in the field of communications and information technology, Kish Cell Pars Company (Samantel) succeeded to obtain Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) License from Communications Regulatory Authority in September 2016. In November 2017, the company also received from Communications Regulatory Authority the license for provision of fixed communications services (Servco).
Samantel works in the field of mobile communication services as one of the brands of Kish Cell Pars Company and member of Saman Financial Group. The company provides all mobile communication services such as SIM Cards with gold and silver numbers, value added services in mobile communications area, enterprise mobile services for management of communications and communication costs of employees, and other available services related to MVNO.
The company provides financing services such as admission to stock exchange listing and OTC, designing transaction plans and structured tools, establishment of lands and buildings funds for construction projects, establishment of investment funds, project-based investments, and establishment of private funds for OTC investment.
Maniz Mobile Wallet is another product offered by the company that uses Samantel's existing communications services platform and is supported by Saman Bank as one of the shareholders of Kish Cell Pars Company. Maniz Mobile Wallet, developed jointly by Samantel and Saman Bank, provides banking and payment transaction services.
Phone number: 021 87640
Saman Processing Company
Saman Processing Company was founded in 2010 by Saman Financial Group. In the beginning of its activity, the company bought Tondar Noor Software Company in order to take advantage of professional experience of experts in the field of information technology. Tondar Noor is an old company which is active in the field of hardware and software of smart card systems, POSs, ATMs and various banking products. Using experienced, innovative and efficient employees, the company improved its potential in development of e-banking and related products. Saman Processing Company is a member of High Council of Informatics with more than nine systems technically approved by the said council.
Currently Saman Processing Company offers services and products in the areas of banking, capital market and insurance, banking value added services, product support services, e-commerce, business intelligence and data mining.
Banking software products and services are delivered in all three levels of front end, middle ware and back end. The layered architecture of company products enables banks and financial and credit institutions to customize them in the shortest time possible. The products provided by Saman Processing Company can be classified into customer service provision (B2C), large businesses (B2B), employees in the offices and headquarters (B2E), communications with Central Bank of Iran and Government (B2G), data mining and localization.
Phone number: 021 88838000
Tondar Noor Software Company
Tondar Noor Software Company (PJSC) was registered in Company registration Office in January 1995 to provide specialized hardware, software, smart card systems, POSs, ATMs and banking products.
The company worked in all fields related to information and communication technology of banking system among which are repairing bank and store card acceptors, importing payment devices such as POS and ATM, importing adapters of card acceptors, importing other electronic components and equipment based on the State rules and regulations, mechanization of systems, design and implementation of control systems in the industry.
Phone number: 021 778033857
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