Trade Finance

Saman offers a variety of solutions to its Corporate Customers wishing to obtain cash funds for the procurement of items such as raw materials, machinery, equipment and even production lines. Whether you are an established business or a newly incorporated firm, you are able to benefit from our exceptional financing services. Various businesses such as consumables, food, pharmaceutical and industrial companies use Saman credit lines, L/Cs, buy-back and other financing services. Saman also offers various types of banking guarantees such as good performance bonds, bid bonds and advance payment bonds, to facilitate commercial and servicing contracts.
In addition to everyday full commercial banking services, we offer the following to our international business clients:

  • Issuing documentary Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantees.
  • Advising and negotiating export documentary Letters of Credit.
  • Documentary Bills for Collection
  • Providing different methods of payment.
  • Structured trade finance, specialized in food commodities, pharmaceutical products and leasing services.
  • Inward and outward payment orders and transfers.
  • Pre-export credit
  • Buyer’s credit
Monday 4/19/2021