Investment Solutions
Saman offers a variety of investment options, to suit every investor. Whether you wish to invest longterm, mediumterm or shortterm in the stock exchange or other financial markets, we are here to help. Our expert knowledge and ongoing monitoring of investment markets place us in a prime position to advise you on the best investment opportunities for you in terms of your expected return on investment, the level of risk you are willing to take and the length of time for which you wish to invest. We aim to make your money earn you the most competitive interest rates within a safe and secure market. Our range of flexible mutual funds with varying risk factors gives you plenty of choice.
For more information on investment solutions, visit your nearest branch or contact your relation manager.
Fixed-Income Funds
If you are looking for a low-risk investment with an assured return, look no further. Our range of fixed-income funds guarantee a minimum profit with reduced investment risks providing you with a risk-free investment that earns a fixed income.
High-Income Funds
Would you like your money to work harder for you? Do you prefer a greater return on your investment within a shorter period of time? Our various high-income funds are the perfect solution for investors willing to invest in higher-risk alternative markets. Our expert investment advisors are here to help you earn the highest profits based on capital market conditions.
Property Fund
The property market is one of the most profitable business sectors in Iran and in many other parts of the world. Saman has an outstanding track record for investing in major construction and property development projects, and as such is able to offer its customers the possibility of investing in construction projects. Following completion and sale, profits are divided among investors. This is a long-term investment with high returns which can change your financial standing completely.
Monday 4/19/2021