Saman Bank Custodian Services

Saman Bank is a leading provider of custodian services with a reputation for quality and reliability. We have helped our valued clients to achieve processing and cost efficiencies in an increasingly complex world of securities and other investment opportunities. Some of the main reasons to choose Saman bank as a custodian are as follow:

   A powerful financial group including brokerage, exchanges, investment bank, and insurance company
   Capable human resources
   Solid reputation
   VIP establishment
   Pioneer in electronic banking
Scope of Services
Our core competency in electronic banking and our ability to effectively employ technology in order to efficiently process huge volumes of transactions along with a capable human resources makes us the best provider of custodian services in Iran. Keep in mind that a custody relationship is contractual, and the provided services may vary based on customer needs.

Safekeeping and Settlement

Safekeeping of Custody Assets

Maintaining the safety of custody assets held both in physical and non-physical form is our main priority. We are able to render safekeeping services in two categories:
  • On-Premises Custody
  • Off-Premises Custody

Settlement of Securities Transactions
As the securities market grows to be more complex, the risk associated with it will also increase. Our risk management capabilities is the key to our successful custody services. Our settlement services include:
  • Trade Initiation
  • Trade Affirmation/Confirmation
  • Trade Settlement
  • Trade Compliance
Reporting and Recordkeeping 
Our timely and accurate reporting services addresses one of the main concerns of our clients. We provide reports tailored to your requirements and in compliance with all applicable recordkeeping and reporting law and regulations. Here is what we provide:
  • Monthly or quarterly reports
  • Customized customer reports
  • Any types of advisory reports
Cash Management
Saman bank provides cash management services to customers regarding cash positions associated with securities transactions. Cash management responsibilities should be clearly defined in the custody contract or a separate agreement. Our services include:
  • Opening cash account (Rials and Foreign Currency)
  • Opening securities account
  • Retaining investors’ account
  • Management of transactions
  • Depositing excess cash in a preferred rate

Foreign Exchange
We provide foreign exchange (FX) services to facilitate settlement of securities transactions. Foreign exchange services may also be used to facilitate a customer’s currency hedging activities.

Securities Servicing

Income Collection
In a timely manner, we collect income payments received from the assets held under custody and unless advised we will deposit it in a preferred rate account. The collectable income is usually:
  • Dividends
  • Bonds coupons
  • Real estate income
Corporate Actions
Thanks to our capabilities in information technology and human resources, we can notify you regarding all corporate actions for the assets under custody; we track customer notifications and time frames, and we process and settle the actions in a well documented and timely manner. Our corporate actions services include rights issues, stock dividends and stock splits.

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