Saman selected as Iran’s most popular bank again

April22, 2020
Tehran, May 25 – Saman Bank has been chosen as the most popular bank of Iran for the second consecutive year, My Favorite Bank Festival secretariat announced.
According to Saman Bank’s Public Relations Office and the festival’s secretariat, Saman was selected as the most favorite bank of the year during a cross-country poll conducted through a three-month period from January to March 2020 (the last three months of Iranian calendar) with participation of 140.000 customers.
Saman was named as the top bank by public vote among 31 participating banks in the festival.
The banks were assessed based on the imagery their brands have created for the customers in the banking industry.
It is noteworthy that Saman has participated in all editions of the festival since it started 6 years ago and has been among the top 5 banks every year.  
Monday 4/19/2021