FX letters of guarantee
A bank letter of guarantee is an instrument by which the bank undertakes to pay to the beneficiary immediately upon announcement and demand any amount out of the total amount indicated in the letter of guarantee with due observance of the corresponding rules and regulations.
  • Employer’s reassurance of accurate and due fulfillment of obligations and accurate performance of contractor
  • Issuance of FX letters of guarantee in favor of domestic beneficiaries and international banks
  • Reassurance of fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the base contract
It is good to know:
1)    Issuance of types of FX letters of guarantee including the followings within the least possible time:
      Good performance letter of guarantee
      Letter of guarantee to participate in the bids and tenders
      Advance payment letter of guarantee
      Retention letter of guarantee
2)    Brokerage relations with international banks and as a result, the possibility of issuance and acceptance
       Counter letters of guarantee to/from different countries
3)    Advising direct letters of guarantee
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