Financial and Investment Services
As a Saman Private, you qualify for tailor-made financial and investment services in addition to the range of services provided to our premier customers.

The purpose of offering these services is to develop non-banking solutions alongside banking services to cover all of your financial needs. These services (detailed below) are designed to facilitate all of your financial and investment requirements with the lowest risk and at the highest return rates.

Investment Funds

Saman Bank’s expertise can assist you with your first forays into the stock exchange or other financial markets. You can purchase shares in investment funds in selected branches and in the Private Banking Unit. The return on your investment is proportionate to the profits of the market in which the fund manager operates. There are different types of investment funds. Your Personal Banker will be happy to advise you on the best investment options.

Equity Funds

Equity funds mainly invest in the stock market and the investor is a partner in any benefit or loss. Saman proposes these funds to investors who are looking for higher profits on their money and are willing to take risks.

 Fixed-Income Funds & profit forecasting

These funds guarantee a minimum profit. If the minimum profit is not made, the fund manager will cover it from his own commission. If the manager’s commission is insufficient to cover the minimum profit predicted, the fund has no further obligation toward the balance.

Private Portfolio Management Services
Under this scheme, you can put any part of your investment funds at the disposal of the Bank’s brokers and instruct them to invest for you in the stock exchange as an individual investor. Saman will employ its advisors and experts to procure a varied basket of shares and will do their best to make it as profitable as possible. The combination of shares is subject to the degree of your risk-taking and the commission will be paid in proportion to the actual profit made.
Stock Exchange Trade Services
If you have not yet received your trade code for direct trade on the stock exchange, you are encouraged to contact the VIP Banking Unit to obtain your code as well as the information on how to trade shares and how to liaise with your brokerage firm (Saman Brokerage Co.).
Pension and Retirement Planning
Saman offers the best pension schemes in line with your financial capabilities and future needs. We will advise you on anticipated profits and risks of investment in different economic sectors and will be happy to act on your behalf for investment. For example, you can buy the TADBIR Insurance package and enjoy the life insurance benefits as well as the lump sum payment at the end of the investment period. This saving can be also paid back to you in the form of a retirement pension.
Educational Services in Finance and Investment
Saman Bank offers a range of courses on investment, stock exchange analysis and other financial areas for you and your children. These courses are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Special Investment Opportunities and Profitable Projects
We introduce investment opportunities in profitable projects to our VIP Customers. We try to minimize the operational risks of such projects. Some examples of such projects are large building projects such as shopping centers, hotels and residential complexes. We identify these projects and invest on your behalf. We supervise the progress of the projects and undertake the transfer of money between you and the project owners.
Special Services
Information Bulletins
Saman’s VIP Banking Unit sends out regular information brochures and bulletins in order to increase your general and specialized information in different economic areas.

Investment Plan Advice

If you have an investment plan in mind, we would be happy to assess the profit and loss risks of your plans.

Contact us

Contact your designated Personal Banker in the VIP Banking Unit on telephone number 23095130 for any information regarding our products or if you require a special service.
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